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We believe in long-term investment perspectives, discovering and empowering companies with a high potential for growth. We help Chinese companies to discover and explore new opportunity.

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With a deep understanding of China and global experience in the financial market, we have developed the strong capability of investment, financing and industry consolidation.


We provide tailor-made professional consulting services that keep pace with the times, long-term goals based, and internationalized.


We strive to provide customized solutions according to the specific requirements of clients, and focus on financing with diversified method to help our clients grow.


We consolidate our own resources and client’s capital to invest in high-growth companies within Greater China Area.


We initiate our capital, deep understanding of the industry and cross-border advantages to empower the sustainable development of enterprises continuously.


We provide professional management services in Greater China for global investors.


We provide our client with professional trading services in multiple financial markets, including public and private markets, equity and debt markets, and derivatives markets, etc.


We syngonized with our advice, finance, invest, transact, manage, empower advantages to provide integrated one-off services to our clients.

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We empower our people to identify unmet community need and to use our specialist expertise to find long-term solutions to meet that need.

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