05 Nov 2015

OP Vision Investment Partners

OP Vision Investment Partners (“OPVIP”) is a newly created subsidiary of Oriental Patron Financial Group (“Oriental Patron”). OPVIP focuses on opportunities in acquiring equity stake in private companies outside of China. OPVIP has the full support from Oriental Patron as well as significant funding resources from various long-term partners in excess of US$1 billion available for investment. The CEO of OPVIP, Jerry Wang, has over 20 years of experience in the alternative investment management industry. Prior to OPVIP, Jerry founded Vision Investment Management in 2000, one of the first alternative asset managers in Asia.


Amid the continuous evolving economic development in China, many domestic businesses have begun their internationalization phase in order to keep up with their growth targets as well as remain competitive. Whilst the valuations of both private and public equities in China remain high, there are many more appealing values in private companies available overseas which offers abundant of opportunities. Oriental Patron’s unique insight and access to both China and international markets helps to connect these exceptional opportunities to better valuations. Furthermore, Oriental Patron always commits its own time, resources and capital for the duration of every investment to ensure the highest quality returns for all parties involved.


Jerry H. Wang, CEO, OPVIP: “Investors tend to take a top-down macro view of China whereas we believe there are many lucrative bottom-up opportunities to explore. As China shifts from the Factory-of-the-World to the Consumer-of-the-World, their domestic demands are no longer in ordinary international goods and services. With the support of Oriental Patron, OPVIP is well positioned to fulfill the needs and bridge the gap while investing our own proprietary capital along with selective strategic partners. I am excited about this new venture and look forward to generating results with distinction.”


Gary G.B. Zhang, Founding Partner & CEO, Oriental Patron: “Along with of China’s continuous economic evolution, the Chinese companies, both listed and private, have been making great efforts in overseas expansion with very strong focus on cross-border acquisitions. Attracted by many factors such as advanced technologies, innovative business models, extensive market channels, great synergy as well as potential access to the Chinese Market; Chinese entrepreneurs and business leaders have made numerous acquisition attempts over the last decade. Needless to say, not all of the acquisitions are successful, but more importantly, we have seen this trend gaining momentum, with more and more acceptance and mutual understanding from both sides.

Under this context and macro backdrop, coupled with OPVIP’s extensive network in both China and overseas, we are confident that synergies and mutual benefits will arise along with our investments.”


Founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, Oriental Patron is an integrated financial services provider with a wide range of financial services including corporate finance, advisory, merger & acquisition, direct investment, capital raising, research and asset management. Oriental Patron is a qualified sponsor of public listing at Hong Kong Stock Exchange with all required professional licenses (Type 1: Dealing in Securities, Type 4: Advising on Securities, Type 6: Advising on Corporate Finance, Type 9: Asset Management). In addition, OP Financial Investments Limited, a member of Oriental Patron, is listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx: 1140) since 2003.